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This page lists UsedSecurity.com's opinion of the most important differences between sensormatic AM systems and Checkpoint RF systems.

Information about Electronic Article Surveillance security tags and used sensormatic retail security tags. Checkpoint retail security store tags for loss prevention - usedsecurity newsletter.

Retail security tags consumer information resource website. We are not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic. EAS examinations of both Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems retail loss prevention equipment. Refurbished and new electronic article surveillance comparisons and retail security information. Please uphold Retail Security Ethics Guidelines and Standards. Retail security ethics and anti shoplifting system info available at 1-866-Hard-Tag or by emailing info@usedsecurity.com. All information given on this site is the opinion of the authors and has not been evaluated by any of the retail loss prevention companies mentioned.

Our mission is to explain the pros and cons of purchasing used retail security loss prevention or electronic article surveillance equipment. Used security tags for Knogo, Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems.

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Important differences between used Checkpoint and Sensormatic tag systems - information

Diffrences that must be considered
1. Technology
2. Effectiveness
3. Price
4. Maintenance
5. Ease of use (workability)

1. Technology - If you are purchasing used checkpoint or refurbished sensormatic equipment your first question should be what's the diffrence. Sensormatic AM equipment is tuned with special computer tools where as most Checkpoint RF equipment must be tuned with an o-scope. Most checkpoint tags are removed with a magnetic detacher. Most Sensormatic tags are removed with special pattented mechanisms that can not be legaly duplicated. Deciding between used Sensormatic security tags and Checkpoint equipment should be done after analysis of your specific needs. We have heard stories of both positive and negative experiences with both brands of equipment. Their are plenty of good deals to be had for both Sensormatic and Checkpoint equipment, but consumers should be wary of a company or salesman who will not warranty equipment. This includes ebay auctions. We recommend you only buy from power sellers on ebay. Important: Used sensormatic equipment and checkpoint systems equipment that is sold by third parties is in our belief never covered by any warranties and comes with no services from the manufacturer. Sensormatic LE and DR Ultramax labels are not reusable.

2. Effectiveness - Your equipment must work well and with either Checkpoint or Sensormatic it will. Either brand of Loss prevention equipment helps in running a profitable business. Smart retailers know that brand name equipment saves money in the long run. This especially true for Electronic Article Surveillance systems. It must work correctly! This is why you should only purchase warrantied, used equipment. Used loss prevention security tags are a great value. Insisting on a warranty is a great way to distinguish between the reputable companies and unscrupulous companies. A warranty is not always honored even though it is promised so you must also investigate the supplier on a deeper level, but if their is no warranty you need not waste any more time.

3. Price - Used Sensormatic or Checkpoint tags should obviously be less expensive than new products sold directly by the manufacturer with a warranty. Except for checkpoint sickers or Sensormatic DR ultramax labels which are not reusable. But what about the differences between checkpoint and sensormatic. Supertags are the most difficult used tags to locate and are also the most effective. This is why they are usually the most expensive used tag on the market. If a company tries to tell you that their imitation or used equipment is superior to the new branded equipment and is there for more expensive be careful. This is usually the first sign that the person you are dealing with does not respect you. Common sense should never be abandoned. Used tags can usually provide a great value, but that value is largely dependent on the price and warranty being offered. A dealer must stand behind his or her product just like the manufacturer would.

4. Maintenance - Can your retail security tag company properly service your equipment. This is perhaps the hardest question to answer when it comes to used equipment. If you buy from the right source either technology can be supported. Checkpoint is considered easier for an individual retailer to maintain. There are companies out their who do a great job maintaining all the different types of EAS loss prevention equipment. On the other hand there are companies who are horrible at it. We recommend you ask for references if you have any concerns about the people you are interviewing. A good company should have customers who would be proud to recommend them.

5. Ease of use (workability) - It is essential that your EAS tag provider have an advanced knowledge of the product so he/she can train your staff to properly employ the security system. Both Sensormatic and Checkpoint systems are extremely easy to use. If your salesman can not immediately answer most of your questions, and repeatedly confers with their superior the customer should be wary. Electronic Article Surveillance is often considered a high employee turnover industry, and as a result many companies use inexperienced salesman to service smaller retailers. All retailers should demand to be treated respectfully and to deal only with experienced knowledgeable salesmen. Small retailers with less experience with these products usually require more information than a corporate buyer because large corporations teach their employees the product information internally. Individual store owners are on their own, which is why a trustworthy and knowledgeable salesman is so important.

Used sensormatic and Checkpoint retail security tags info

Used Sensormatic and Checkpoint retail loss prevention systems have become a viable alternative to new systems. This website addresses the advantages and disadvantages of buying used equipment. Their are many factors for a consumer to weigh. Used security Tags are now available to every retailer. In the past, large corporations where the only people with access to the used tag market. Used knogo tags which at one time where the most popular security tag on the market are now a relic of a bygone era. Used security products like tag removers for eas tags are often found on auction sites. We at usedsecurity .com encourage all retail security loss prevention companies to be "Retail Security Ethics Compliant". Following retail store security ethics guidelines is essential. Retail security ethics and anti shoplifting system info available at 1-866-Hard-Tag.

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Electronic article surveillance security tag information provided by our staff. We are not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic. This information was not provided by Checkpoint Systems or Sensormatic. All information given on this site is the opinion of the authors and has not been evaluated by any of the retail loss prevention companies mentioned. Security tags are an important part of a succesfull retail business. Call 1-866-Hard-Tag or email Info@usedsecurity.com with retail security questions. HarryG LLC a proud United States based corporation.

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