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Information about Electronic Article Surveillance security tags and used sensormatic retail security tags. Also checkpoint retail security store tags for loss prevention - usedsecurity newsletter.

Retail security tags consumer information resource website. We are not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic. EAS examinations of both Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems retail loss prevention equipment. Refurbished and new electronic article surveillance comparisons and retail security information. Please uphold Retail Security Ethics Guidelines and Standards. Retail security ethics and anti shoplifting system info available at 1-866-Hard-Tag or by emailing info@usedsecurity.com. All information given on this site is the opinion of the authors and has not been evaluated by any of the retail loss prevention companies mentioned.

Our mission is to explain the pros and cons of purchasing used retail security loss prevention or electronic article surveillance equipment. Used security tags for Knogo, Sensormatic and Checkpoint.

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We strive to bring you quality information. With so many changes happening in the retail loss prevention world we must stay vigilant when it comes to new technologies. Developments in military and communications hardware have carryover usages in an EAS retail security framework. Early adaptation of technological advancements must be part of our loss prevention outlook.
Important: Used sensormatic equipment and checkpoint systems equipment that is sold by third parties, in some cases including authorized dealers, is in our belief never covered by any warranties and comes with no services from the manufacturer.

Used sensormatic and Checkpoint retail security tags info

Used Sensormatic and Checkpoint retail loss prevention systems have become a viable alternative to new systems. New security systems will last you longer. Refurbished systems cost less but they may not last as long as you would expect from a new system. This website addresses the advantages and disadvantages of buying used equipment. There are many factors for a consumer to weigh when considering the purchase of an EAS system. Used security Tags are now more readily available to retailers all over the world. We strongly recommend against the purchase of a 1.8 Megahertz security system. 8.2 is the best RF frequency to invest in. Its dominance is already established making it the most affordable RF system for tags and parts. Used security products like tag removers for EAS tags are found less and less frequently on auction sites thanks to the diligence of loss prevention professionals who have fought this scourge. We at usedsecurity .com encourage all retail security loss prevention companies to be "Retail Security Ethics Compliant". Following retail store security ethics guidelines is essential. Retail security ethics and anti shoplifting system info available at 1-866-Hard-Tag.

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Electronic article surveillance security tag information provided by our staff. We are not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic. This information was not provided by Checkpoint Systems or Sensormatic. All information given on this site is the opinion of the authors and has not been evaluated by any of the retail loss prevention companies mentioned. Security tags are an important part of a succesfull retail business. Call 1-866-Hard-Tag or email Info@usedsecurity.com with retail security questions. HarryG LLC a proud United States based corporation.

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