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CCTV on a plasma television is the best way to view your desired area. Plasma TV allows for space saving high definition viewing. LCD televisions are also good, but the large size of the plasma makes them superrior.

Checkpoint CCTV viewed on a High Definition LCD TV

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Viewing and remote monitoring Closed circuit television on a LCD TVor monitor - Electronic article surveillance used security newsletter.

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LCD TV - Liquid Crystal Displays

The television market is under seige by a force that can not be stopped. The LCD TV or monitor is so diverse and so high quality that short of a new technology being developed, its market share dominance seems assured. LCD televisions are now fairly easily produced, shipped and sold around the globe. LCD TV monitors are used as computer screens, television sets, CCTV remote monitoring stations, Ipod Nano screens and many more appilications. LCD shares the same size advantages as plasma television sets, but is a much more versatile product.

LCD HD TV Flat Panel or DLP Rear Projection

DLP delivers great picture, but the size is just too much. Inventors are going to have to figure out a way squeeze that wonderful DLP picture in to a flat panel television set if DLP is to compete with LCD and Plasma TV. HD really is here to stay. Those people who are waiting for the HDTV fad to pass are going to be waiting a very, very long time. LCD seems to positioning itself as the lead technology in the HD television market.

Common High Definition Television Technologies

DLP TV = Digital Light Projection Television
LCD TV = Liquid Crystal Display Television
Plasma TV = Plasma Flat Panel Television
CRT TV = Cathode Ray Tube Television
LCOS TV = Liquid Crystal on Silicon Television
Closed Circuit Television On LCD monitors - CCTV on LCD
LCD is a natural for security needs. LCD is easily mounted in almost any location. LCD TV monitors come in a huge range of sizes. In a security office a variety of cctv multiplexers can be mixed into one display viewed on a bank of LCD screens. LCD is easily intergraded with almost any current model CPU. LCD is the dominant force in the computer monitor business making the DVR industry a natural fit. Most DVR's are just specialized central processing units. If a you choose an LCD display for your office, why not choose an LCD TV for your security office.

1. LCD Television - Flat Panel.
2. PLasma TV - Flat Panel.
3. DLP TV - This is not a true flat panel TV.
4. Front or rear projection based High Definition televisions - DLP or LCD.

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