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Electronic article surveillance is an important way that sleeping pills can be protected with retail security. Sleep aids like ambien and lunesta require extra security because each sleep pill or sleeping drug is an item that can be sold or used by an addict.

Sleeping pills like Ambien, Lunesta, and Somnigen

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Retail Security and Ambien or Lunesta Sleeping Pills

Information about protecting Ambien or Lunesta with retail security - Electronic article surveillance usedsecurity newsletter.

Lunesta Ambien Sleep pills Sleeping pill

Keep your Ambien and Lunesta sleeping pills safe

Drugs bring out the criminal element. In a pharmacy situation great care must be given to keep Ambien and Lunesta safe from potential pill thieves. Sleeping pills must be treated carefully because of their street value. Sleeping drugs are considered to be the easiest prescription pill to sell illegally. Retailers and Pharmacists should be wary of criminals passing fake prescriptions for Ambien and Lunesta.

Ambien and Lunesta in the work place

Ambien and Lunesta are extremely popular in the corporate world where they allow executives to maintain that rigorous and rigid time schedule. Ambien or Lunesta can leave you groggy if you interrupt the suggested eight hours of sleep they recommend. It is best to be careful with any medication. Sleeping pills can be extremely addictive. Sleep is best found naturally or with non prescription remedies. Sleeping pills are often to strong of a response to lost sleep. Insomnia is not a few restless nights sleep. Somnigen is a sleep aid with a good reputation. Valium can be habit forming. Speaking to a doctor is a good idea when considering the use of various medications.

Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can be a savior or captor. Personal responsibility is something that any adult should consider before taking a prescription medication. Is the medication necessary? Do not take sleep aids for any reason other than to help you sleep unless directed by a physician. Ambien and Lunesta sleeping pills are powerful drugs that should not be used nightly for an entire life. Prescription medicines that treat ailments in an ongoing fashion with no hope of ending use of the drug need to be examined closely. Ambien and Lunesta have been a help to millions of people who have had sleepless nights. Sleeping is an important part of healthy living. A good nights rest is an important part of a balanced life. Sleeping pills can help maintain a balance. Sleep pills should be used cautiously.
Retail Security and OTC Sleep Aids
When putting OTC sleep aids out on your shelves strongly consider the use of an EAS tags. Security tags and labels can alert you to a shoplifter removing sleep aids or sleeping medicines from your store. Items that have multiple uses are more tempting for shoplifters as they can be sold to myriad consumer groups. Children often steal sleep medicine to attempt to get high from its natural and chemical ingredients. People with genuine sleep problems are often tricked into buying OTC sleep aids while thinking they are prescription drugs like Lunesta or Ambien. Sleeping pills should not be stocked in store blind spots.

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Sleeping pills

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